I know you want your body to make a bold statement. But I'll bet a lack of lean muscle is keeping you from making that statement.

You might need more muscle across your entire body, or maybe you just want those biceps, pecs or deltoids to start growing.

The training program you've been following isn't adding muscle where you want it most. Some muscle groups might be getting bigger, but it's just making your lagging body parts look even more out of proportion.

As a professional trainer, it's my job to fix that problem. You see, two types of clients hire me. They either fall within the "nothing worked" or "no time" category.

These clients have tried all the usual approaches to building muscle from newsstand muscle magazines, books and Internet training articles. They train each muscle group a few times per week with 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps.

They might have mixed things up by doing more reps, sets or different exercises but nothing triggered new growth.

Professional athletes often fall into this category. By the time they get around to calling me I'm left with only 6-8 weeks before their season starts. When it's not a professional athlete, other clients expect to see results within weeks or they'll hit the road.

These challenges required me to create a muscle growth program that was not only unique, but also produced fast results. And it had to be convenient enough to fit into any busy schedule.

Have you ever noticed that speed skaters have bigger quadriceps than most of the strongest squatters you know? Cyclists, too. Or that boxers have large deltoids, swimmers have massive lats, and 100-meter sprinters develop glutes that most people would commit a felony to have?

Rest assured, the athletes didn't have those proportionally large muscles before they chose their sport. The sport made those muscles big.

Those muscles grew proportionally large through a high volume of work from the sport. So I knew the solution to stubborn muscle growth was to increase the volume of work that muscle had to do.

But how would I turn up the volume without making my client quit his job to become a professional speed skater?


Your lagging muscles need more volume. But adding a bunch of extra sets or reps to your workout won't do the trick. We all know that doing 100 sets of curls in one day won't add an inch to your biceps. If it were true, every guy would've found time to do it.

That's why I had to consider the other common element among those athletes that got targeted muscle growth: they train those muscles with a higher frequency than what you're currently doing.

Research shows that if you spread the same number of sets over three workouts instead of one you'll get better results.

But I've found that you need four or more brief workouts per week to get the best results. I call this High Frequency Training (HFT) and it's the fastest way I've found to produce growth in any muscle, regardless of how stubborn that muscle group is.

Now, here's a crucial point that I've realized through experience: each stubborn muscle group requires a unique strategy to make it grow.

What works for adding muscle to your chest won't work for the biceps. And what works for the calves won't work for the quadriceps. Some muscles require more reps per set, other muscles will shrink with high-rep training.

And if your goal is to add muscle across your entire body, the training guidelines must be different than they are for specific body parts.

I've taken all the best training guidelines that I've acquired over the last 17 years of working with clients at all levels. This entire system has never been released in any of my articles or books.

But now it is. Here's what you'll get:

The HFT manual covers everything you need to know about building muscle - fast. It includes a 12-week full-body program and targeted plans to quickly add lean muscle to all major body parts.

No stone is left unturned as I cover everything from the latest research to real-world data for HFT. You'll learn how to build muscle across your entire body or just target it where you need the most growth.

All the programs are laid out in a simple format with links to videos for each exercise so you're sure to do each move with perfect form.


One of the best parts of this system are demonstration videos that use rings, free weights, and unique body weight exercises. Just any typical exercise won't fit into a HFT plan, that's why I show you exactly what to do without any guesswork on your part.

The videos are in a high-quality .mp4 format that can be quickly played on any mobile device. And they're compatible with a Mac and PC. You'll have me there to guide you through all the unique muscle-building exercises.

Proper nutrition is essential to provide the right nutrients at the right times for growth and recovery. I've been writing about the Waterbury Diet for a few years, and this is the latest version that contains all my guidelines for muscle growth, fat loss, recovery and workout nutrition.

You'll learn the science of intermittent fasting, pre- and post-workout nutrition, meal selections, food choices, and a lot more. The nutrition plans I design are integral to the sucess of my clients, including Strikeforce Champion, Ronda Rousey.

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60-day money back guarantee

I'm confident you'll build lean muscle faster than ever before with HFT. It's time for your body to finally make a statement.

Stay Focused,

Chad Waterbury M.S.


Here's what some of the experts are already saying about HFT:

"HFT is making me revisit how I plan my own training." Eric Cressey, author of Maximum Strength

"Well done, Chad! HFT is solid. Follow Waterbury's fool-proof template."  Pavel Tsatsouline, author of The Naked Warrior

"HFT is a smart, progressive program for ambitious lifters who don't want to settle for less than the best results."  Lou Schuler, author of The New Rules of Lifting books

"I enjoyed HFT so much that I've begun to implement the strategies into my own programs."  Ben Bruno


Got a question? If so, it's probably covered in the following section:


Q: If HFT works so well for muscle growth, why aren't all bodybuilders using it?

A: Professional bodybuilders reached that level through hard work, for sure. But they became professionals because it's much easier for them to add muscle everywhere. So if you use their training parameters for your stubborn muscles, it won't work.

Also, the training protocols in this system have never been released before. If someone has been following a HFT plan, it wasn't the one you're seeing here. My HFT system uses a unique strategy for every major muscle group, including full-body training.

Q: Can females do this program?

A: The physiological laws of muscle growth don't change with gender. Therefore, this system is ideal for males and females. The difference, however, is the way females will probably use this system. For example, many females will want to add shape to their glutes, not their biceps. So females can pick and choose the right plans for them.

Also, fat loss is a goal of virtually any person. The Waterbury Diet covers the latest, most effective ways I've found to burn stubborn fat. Finally, the exercise videos will be valuable to any fitness enthusiast or trainer.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: Since gymnastics rings build muscle faster than any other piece of training equipment, most of the upper body exercises use them. However, if rings are prescribed in a workout I always give a free weight or body weight option for that same move.

Q: Will this program take a lot of time each week?

A: Absolutely not. There are four full-body workouts per week that each take around 45 minutes. And the targeted HFT plans for each major muscle group only takes minutes a day and require virtually no equipment.

Q: Will these books get shipped to me?

A: No, HFT is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. The Adobe Acrobat PDF files are instantly downloaded to your computer and there are links to the exercise .mp4 videos in each workout. So you can take the HFT program with you on any mobile device.

Q: Can I view the HFT system and videos on an iPad?

A: Yes, you'll just need the free Adobe Reader app. Just open the HFT zip folder on your computer and then send the PDFs to your iPad. It's as simple as that!


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BONUS: Body of F.I.R.E included at checkout! 

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